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Imperial Taxis
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Imperial taxis is committed to consistently meet and exceed the needs of our customers

Our business principles guarantee you a dependable and high quality service that you deserve

Our commitment to quality service will be demonstrated by.

Identifying and clearly defining our customers requirements.

Developing our system to meet the evolving needs of our customers

Managing and constantly reviewing our methods

Remaining responsive to our customers needs and making certain that every customer contact with us is a pleasant one

By working together in a professional way we can achieve all of our objectives.

We firmly believe that we are well placed to continue providing a quality service to our existing and future customers

All of our taxis are under the control of Thurrock council and are checked comprehensively in order to maintain standards of fitness

Prior to being granted a license to drive a taxi in Thurrock, drivers are required to pass a topograhical test of the borough of Thurrock and are subject to background checks.In addition they are required to undergo a national organised training course which includes training such as customer care and disability awareness.

Our customers can therefore be assured that they are being transported by a knowledgeable, fully checked, trained and accountable driver.

You can therefore expect a high standard of service from Imperial taxis

                                 01375 40 50 56








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IMPERIAL TAXIS 01375 40-50-56